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4,9 rating
4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 15 reviews)
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Sun Island Resort — мечты сбываются!

5,0 rating
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Прежде всего хотелось бы выразить особую благодарность за превосходную организацию нашего отдыха. С удовольствием буду рекомендовать близким этот сайт. А касательно отдыха хотелось бы отметить прекрасное расположение, абсолютное единение с природой. Отель относительно простой, без наворотов и напыщенного роскошества, однако номера комфортные и абсолютно отвечают своему классу. Это собственно я и ожидала, спасибо большое вам, Александр, за предоставленную информацию. Все предельно понятно и доходчиво объяснил, что не осталось ни толики сомнения о том, куда я попаду и как. Отдыхом очень довольна, ведь сноркелинг тут ну просто потрясающий, да и пляж просто изумительный. Кормят вкусно, очень разнообразная еда в ресторане, не было не разу чтобы что-нибудь повторялось. Отдых удался на славу, привезла с массой эмоций и впечатлений и море фотографий, конечно же, хватит до следующего года, а уж сюда я точно вернусь.

Ирина, Россия

Small paradise

5,0 rating
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How lucky we are to have spent the most wonderful time in Maldives. Sad to say we’re living right now so I wanted to thank everyone involved in a holiday of our dreams. First of all thank you, Alex, for clearing out doubts about this island – the kids are so happy with snorkeling and we could not imagine a better and diverse marine life than it is on Angaga: napoleon fish, eagle rays, nurse sharks, and of course turtles. There’re plenty of activities on the island too such as table tennis and darts. My wife was quite pleased with some spa treatments and on the whole the holiday appeared to be very relaxive and naturebound. So if you want something this chilled – this is the best place for it. The food is great, the Sunset bar has an unbelievable view over the lagoon and here you may meet sunsets with some cocktails in a very relaxive atmosphere. Sometimes live music is played so it’s up to you to decide what resort to choose but since this holiday I believe I’m quiet biased and want to come back very soon.

Chris Sentel, Canada

Ayada Maldives

5,0 rating
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So we stayed at Ayada Maldives Resort. That was our honeymoon and we wanted something really special. And this website came in handy just as we needed. We contacted Alexander and he was extremely helpful and finally we decided on beautiful Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll. This resort is in the absolute middle of nowhere! Although getting there involves quite a long time, that’s been just what we wanted – an absolute secluded getaway. The landscape design of the island is fantastic, all buildings are neat and are made out of very good materials as for the outside so as for the inside. Everything looks luxurious and well-maintained. They tried to preserve nature as much as possible, so that walking through this lush vegetation is such a pleasure. The reef is excellent and snorkeling conditions are just great. The room service is flawless and the butler service is just top notch. We spent the best honeymoon that we could even imagine. Thanks once again!

Olav Pedersen, Norway

Real Luxury Experience

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My husband and I visited Sun Aqua Iru Veli this August, found out the best deal with Alex so I would like to leave some notes about my trip here.
In general, I liked it very much: white sand beaches, responsive staff, decent cuisine. Maldives is now my dreamy place that I would never forget. I really highly recommend visiting these islands at least once, believe me you’d never regret.
With all that said I’d like to mention some moments that you should pay attention to if you’re choosing the resort. Gangehi is a place which is great for more active people who appreciate nightlife, so think beforehand if you’re seeking for more of a quite family holiday. It’s quite a strong audibility in the rooms next to the club, but that was solved easily and we were upgraded to the beach villa. The snorkeling here is great. The vast majority of corals are not that colourful, although there are quite a lot of fish of all possible sizes and varieties! Good to mention, the island has a picturesque sand bar which is ideal for instagram ?
Th spa is cosy and provides really great massages and treatments. The room service is absolutely invisible — perfect cleanliness and all sorts of little things such as sense sticks and fragrant herbal soap in the bathroom. So I would rate this holiday as 9 out of 10.

Helen Schultz, Germany

Faarufusi Maldives

5,0 rating
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We got an ocean villa with a pool, because that’s what you go for if you travel to Maldives. So this was a must for us. And we got the best villa that we could ever imagine. The view from it .. that’s something you would never think about until you see. It’s like these picture perfect location from every angle, I was so glad ahah it’s completely impossible to take a bad instagram picture. What concerns the facilities, the island has quite a nice selection of restaurants, the locations of all are stunning. Isn’t that what you go here for? And the most happy moment is that this beauty does match with the taste. Because lots of times at various resorts (and trust me, we visited a bunch) we came across a very beautifully served dish but its was just plain, so I know what I’m saying. And this place is worth every penny spent, so we have nothing to regret of. Although maybe I would include quite a long transfer into the negative side of the trip, but I actually have no words to blame it because everything was perfectly planned for us and we didn’t have to wait longer than it was supposed to be. So on the overall we’re more than happy and thankful for Alex’s advice and help and would love to share this experience with everyone.

Ana Lee, Singapore




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