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Amazing holiday in Relax Residence

5.0 rating

I would like to say big thank you to Alex, who helped me with accomodation in Maldives. We spent one week in Thoddoo. Thoddoo and especially Relax Residence guest house was the best choice for my family. Alex is really helpfull and kind person, always answering my questions aboout Maldives. The accomodation was really good, clean rooms with bathrooms and well working air conditioning.Breakfatsts and dinner were tasty and fresh everyday. Owner of this guest house is also great, he showed us things which we have never seen before — like plankton, mantas and toher. Thank you so much Alex for this experience.

Miroslava Kultánová, Czech Republic

Finolhu experience

4.0 rating

We are so happy! This was the best family holiday ever. For our destination we have chosen Finolhu. This is a fantastic resort if not the best, very chic and sophisticated. But we were having so much doubts which resort is more suitable for our honeymoon – I’m a bit of a perfectionist and this is such a special time for us so we wanted everything to be as perfect as possible. And this blog came in handy for us, although we did a lot of research it still was quite unclear about all the amenities and activities but then I’d love to thank Alex for his helpfulness in this question. He gave the answers to all our questions and helped to reserve the best transportation for the most reasonable price. We flied to Dharavandhoo and then took a speedboat to our destination and yes I completely recommend to do this except of a simple seaplane ride because in this way you get the opportunity to visit another island which is also worth seeing. All in all Maldives is a dreamy location for a romantic getaway and we are such visional people so a nice picture is a must when we travel. And Maldives you will never forget how beautiful this country is, every single second of being here is thrilling with its perfection. As for the room type we recommend the Ocean Pool Villas facing the lagoon and providing the most spectacular sunsets you could imagine. Anyway, you will never go wrong with any overwater accommodation in Maldives – it’s impressive for its uniqueness.

Miko Harioto, Japan

Сatamaran adventure

5.0 rating

We’ve just arrived back home and I wanted to express all the emotions before they calm down. This trip was truly wonderful – from the very beginning until the end. It’s been like a long breath and we wanted the time to stop. First of all I need to mention we had some doubts about spending a vacay sailing but we are so much into snorkeling and Maldives appear to be just the right place for this. Its marine life is fantastic, we saw mantas, lion fish, different tropical fish of all possible colors and even a small octopus! And that’s not all, on our last day we did big game fishing and caught a gigantic barracuda which we had barbecued later on for dinner! If you worry It’s all in the sea and you don’t have a seas sickness – do this trip as believe me you will never get bored at all due to active and diverse pastime. Suntanning on a sundeck, snorkeling along the reef, gazing the stars with a glass of wine during the night – all this romantic moments made our trip the most memorable experience ever. So I’d love to thank Alex for his personal assistance. All that he explained was exactly to the matter.

Oliver Deloy, Australia

Azalea diving

5.0 rating

Here’s my full review on liveaboard diving with Azalea cruise. It’s been a wonderful trip but let me describe it in some details. My wife and I are quite divers I would say and for our holiday we’ve came across this interesting concept of diving while sailing so that means living exactly from one dive to another on a luxury cruise ship! And here I’d like say thank you Alex for suggesting us Azalea Cruise Liveaboard, it’s never been a regret. For the room we’ve chosen Master Suite because we were quite worried about the sizes of the accommodation – it’s a ship and we didn’t want to be stressed out because we’re on holiday. But it appeared that most of the time we spent outdoors either suntanning on its numerous decks, dining or relaxing in the lounge areas and of course the time spent for diving is the best! We’ve seen so many celebrated diving spots and all the time it was new impressions, new memorable adventures and of course the reef and the sea life is just superb. What concerns about the staff – all the instructors were very knowledgeable, experienced and very helpful. also great thanks to the chefs and the waitresses who were always eager to help on choosing the best match of wine and Maldivian speciates. The only slight disappointment was probably with the equipment, it was a bit used but all in all it is still perfect quality and there was no problems with it at all. So glad that we did this trip, it was a great value for the money.

Jeffrey Stockman, USA

A nice trip to Thinadhoo

5.0 rating

It’s a week since we’re home but the emotions are still bright so I’ve decided to take some time to say thanks to Alexander and his website for being so helpful for us. This was our honeymoon trip and we’ve decided that it should be something exotic. So we stopped on Maldives. Everyone knows it’s a luxury and costly holiday but there’s a way to save money here too and the name for these are guest houses. They are some kind of cheaper hotels in comparison to luxury resorts. But in terms of the scenery it’s still Maldives islands. And we were lucky enough to enjoy all that Maldives has – the turquoise ocean and white sandy beach. We did plenty of snorkeling – it’s impossible to stay away from underwater wonders. And as for activities we also did a trip to a picnic island where we stopped by to do some more snorkeling and had lunch in the most romantic surroundings. And here we are, very pleased and happy, looking forward to our next destination which is probably be Maldives again

Ana Halko, Finland




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