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Guide to Dhigurah

Guide to Dhigurah

2019-07-26 09:36:25


Dhigurah is located 96 km south-east of Male in southern Ari Atoll. The length of the island is almost 4 km, the width (in the widest part) is 300 m. The island narrows in a southward direction and ends with a sand bank. You can go to the neighboring resort LUX * Maldives.


The entire western part of the island is occupied by the beach. However, the part of the beach opposite the hotels is full of dead coral on the shore. You can walk there for sure, but not barefoot. Therefore, you need to go much further.


The bottom along the beach is sandy and comfortable for swimming. Great for children. On the southern edge of the beach is a road that runs through the jungle. The whole way is about 3 km. If you wish, you can go along the beach, but at high tide it will be not so easy. The island ends with a long sand bank that leads to the neighboring island of LUX South Ari. There you will find a sign warning you to ban visits to this resort.


The places there are very picturesque and very few people go there. The Highest level of privacy will be provided!

House reef is located on the opposite side of the island. You should swim on the edge because there is a chance to see whale sharks and manta rays. However, due to safety reason, it’s better to do this in fins and not alone.

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Whale Shark Safaris

If, however, you still could not see whale sharks on the house reef, then it is better to go to safari near Sun Island – the place where the chance to see this fish is much higher. Whale sharks in the Maldives, if we compare to Cebu in Philippines, are not artificially feeded to attract. Therefore, no one will give you a 100% guarantee that today you will see them. Usually you can see 1-2 sharks during the safari, which usually last 2-3 hours. Since the place is very popular and, in fact, the only available, it attracts a lot of tourists from both neighboring resorts and other atolls.



Once somebody sees a shark, the boat on the radio communicate with each other and within 5-10 minutes everyone already knows where it was found. Therefore, you need to be ready and, if possible, immediately jump into the water because they swim quickly and can go to the bottom, where they will not be caught up.


Despite the development of tourism, there are only 1-2 cafes for tourists on the island (one of which belongs to the hotel). Very few grocery stores. There are several dive centers, but prices are higher than in neighboring Dangethi.

More and more hotels are opening (not guest houses) that keep prices high. Although sometimes the price/quality ratio is not on the side of the hotel.

In general, the island is more suitable for beach lovers, couples and families.


Transfer to Dhigurah

Domestic flight

Flight to domestic is carried out by the local airline Fly.Me. Cost – $ 295 in both directions per person (including transfer to Maamigili). Flies 5-6 times a day.

Flight time – 20 minutes


Male – Dhigurah
Everyday. Departure is at 16:00, cost $ 35 per person one way. It takes about 2 hours.

Dhigura – Male
Everyday. Departure is at 6:40.


Male – Dhigurah
Saturday, Monday, Wednesday. Departure at 8:30, cost $ 8 per person one way. On the way about 7 hours.

Dhigura – Male
Resurrection, Tuesday, Thursday. Departure at 8:30, cost $ 8 per person one way. On the way about 7 hours.